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Dad Essentials: What’s Your Must-Have Dad Item?

Welcome back to, where we bring you the most entertaining and engaging bracket voting experiences. This time, we’re showcasing FootballGuys’ bracket to find out what the ultimate dad essential is. We’ve compiled a list of 16 iconic dad items that every father knows and loves. Let’s dive into the bracket and meet the contenders:

  1. Air Monarchs/New Balance – The quintessential dad shoe, perfect for mowing the lawn or going to the grocery store.
  2. Reading Glasses – Essential for deciphering the fine print on bills or enjoying a good book.
  3. Smoking Meats – The ultimate dad pastime, whether it’s brisket, ribs, or chicken.
  4. “World’s Best Dad” Mug – No dad is complete without this coffee mug that holds his morning fuel.
  5. The History Channel – The go-to source for all things historical and educational.
  6. Naps – The sacred dad tradition of catching some Z’s on the couch.
  7. Only Buying Clothes at Costco – Practicality and value in one, the Costco clothing section is a dad’s best friend.
  8. Old Pocket Knife – Handy for any situation, from opening packages to whittling wood.
  9. Not Asking For Directions – The classic dad trait of navigating without assistance, often leading to memorable detours.
  10. Saying “When I was Your Age” – Every dad’s favorite phrase to impart wisdom and nostalgia.
  11. Farting – The universal dad trait that brings humor and sometimes horror to the family.
  12. Tube Socks – The comfortable and practical sock choice that dads swear by.
  13. The Dad Bod – The body type that combines a love for food with a relaxed exercise regime.
  14. Thermostat Captain – The dad who rules the household temperature with an iron fist.
  15. Dad Hats – The classic, comfortable, and often slightly worn cap that tops off a dad’s look.
  16. Various Assortment of Nuts and Bolts – The collection that every dad has, perfect for any fix-it job around the house.

How It Works

Here’s how the bracket voting will unfold:

  1. Round 1: The 16 dad essentials will face off in pairs, with the winners moving on to the next round.
  2. Quarterfinals: The top 8 items will compete to make it to the semifinals.
  3. Semifinals: The remaining 4 will battle it out for a spot in the final.
  4. Final: The last two items standing will go head-to-head for the title of Ultimate Dad Essential.

Voting will be open to everyone, and we encourage you to invite your friends, family, and fellow dads to participate. Each round will feature detailed descriptions of the items’ significance and iconic status to help you make your decision.

Meet the Contenders

Air Monarchs/New Balance: Known as the ultimate dad shoe, these comfortable and sturdy sneakers are perfect for all dad activities, from yard work to casual outings.

Reading Glasses: A necessity for any dad who needs to read the fine print or enjoys a good book, reading glasses are a staple in the dad arsenal.

Smoking Meats: Whether it’s a weekend BBQ or a special occasion, dads take pride in their smoking skills, crafting the perfect brisket, ribs, or chicken.

“World’s Best Dad” Mug: This iconic mug is more than just a coffee holder; it’s a badge of honor, reminding dads daily of their cherished role.

The History Channel: From documentaries to historical dramas, The History Channel is a favorite dad destination for learning and entertainment.

Naps: The treasured dad nap, often taken on the couch with the TV on, is a vital part of dad life, recharging energy for the day ahead.

Only Buying Clothes at Costco: Known for practicality and value, Costco’s clothing section is a dad’s go-to for wardrobe essentials.

Old Pocket Knife: A trusty companion for any dad, the pocket knife is useful for everything from opening packages to whittling wood.

Not Asking For Directions: The classic dad trait of navigating without assistance, leading to memorable adventures and sometimes getting a bit lost.

Saying “When I was Your Age”: This phrase is a dad’s way of imparting wisdom and sharing tales from their youth, often met with eye-rolls from the younger generation.

Farting: A universal dad behavior that brings humor and sometimes embarrassment to family gatherings.

Tube Socks: The comfortable and practical sock choice that dads have sworn by for generations.

The Dad Bod: Embracing a relaxed lifestyle, the dad bod is a mix of enjoying good food and maintaining a casual exercise routine.

Thermostat Captain: The dad who controls the household temperature, ensuring it is always set to his preferred level.

Dad Hats: The classic, comfortable, and often slightly worn cap that completes a dad’s casual look.

Various Assortment of Nuts and Bolts: Every dad has a collection of these, perfect for any fix-it job around the house.

Join the Fun!

Get ready to cast your votes and join the discussion as we determine which item will be crowned the Ultimate Dad Essential. Follow along with the bracket, share your thoughts on social media using #DadEssentialsBracket, and make sure your favorite dad item gets the recognition it deserves!

Stay tuned to for all the latest updates and results. Let the voting begin!